How Much Can I Save?

cal-savingsThe MEI BNR generates return on customer's investment in many ways.

Besides dramatically reducing the amount of start-up cash required, the BNR simplifies every step of the cash management process. Labor costs are lower. Less cash needs to be handled and counted. Cash can be loaded, emptied and transported when there are no customers in the store. There is less shrinkage because every cash-storing module is protected by a lock and the system registers every cash event.

In most applications, a self service system with a BNR can process a week's worth of customers without any intervention from store personnel.

MEI BNR customers generate ROI in many ways:

  • 90% less float
  • 40% less cash to handle and transport
  • Increased machine uptime
  • Reduced shrink
  • Reduced cash-in-transit costs
  • Reduced machine component inventory

Click on the ROI calculator on the right to find out how much money you can save with the MEI BNR.

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VideosClick here to watch the BNR-equipped lane versus traditional lane